Video session

We are pleased to announce that parallel joint ICCVS/IMS video session will be run on a first come first serve basis, one case at a time, up to 10 minutes. Should you wish to present, submit the title(s) through the online form that is accessible in the User zone.

SUBMISSION CLOSED. Thank you for your videos.

Programme of Video Sessions

Video session 1
Thursday, August 30, 2018 16:15 - 18:15
Budapest Hall

ID: 420
Deopujari, Chandrashekhar
Approach to deep seated cavernoma

ID: 339
Baskaya, Mustafa
Revascularization for cerebral ischemia: step by step demonstration of bonnet bypass

ID: 340
Baskaya, Mustafa
Microsurgical obliteration of supraclinoid giant aneurysm via trapping and EC-IC bypass after failed flow diverting stenting

ID: 416
Lawton, Michael
PICA-AICA In situ bypass, tapping, and decompressive thrombectomy for treatment of giant AICA aneurysm

ID: 386
Akalan, Nejat
Subtemporal approach to mesencephalic tumor

ID: 383
Narayanan Nair, Suresh Nair
Is there a arachnoid seperating seventh nerve from a large vestibular schwannoma

ID: 419
Suri, Ashish
Clipping of Giant Complex Paraclinoidal Aneurysms

ID: 424
Mustamir, Nasrullah

ID: 347
Misra, Basant
Giant aneurysm

ID: 393
Morcos, Jacques
Transcavernous half and half approach for clipping of a large, twice previously coiled and stented, recanalized basilar tip aneurysm

ID: 394
Morcos, Jacques
Staged transcranial (Kawase/transcavernous) and endonasal endoscopic radical resection of large clinal chordoma

Video session 5 - NEW
Friday, August 31, 2018 14:45 - 15:45
Budapest Hall

ID: 388
Voznyak, Oleksandr
Surgery if Midline Brain Cavernomas

ID: 430
Liu, James K.

ID: 431
Liu, James K.

ID: 338
SANO, Hirotoshi
Paraclinoid aneurysm

ID: 423
Misra, Basant
Skull base meningioma

ID: 384
Ota, Nakao
Complex bypass surgery of multiple middle cerebral artery fusiform aneurysms

Video session 2
Friday, August 31, 2018 16:15 - 18:00
Budapest Hall

ID: 389
Spetzler, Robert
BA aneurysm, is it there or not?

ID: 390
Spetzler, Robert
PCA aneurysm, SCIT approach

ID: 391
Spetzler, Robert
Third ventricle CM

ID: 392
Spetzler, Robert
Spinal cord AVM

ID: 341
Baskaya, Mustafa
Combined transpetrosal and subtemporal approach for petroclival meningioma: microsurgical technique

ID: 342
Baskaya, Mustafa
Microsurgical resection of Spetzler-Martin grade IV limbic AVM via interhemispheric approach

ID: 417
Lawton, Michael
A2 AICA Reanastomosis for treatment of mycotic AICA aneurysm

ID: 395
Morcos, Jacques
Cranioorbital transcavernous approach for gross total resection of orbito-cavernous schwannoma

ID: 396
Morcos, Jacques
Radial artery interposition bypass (ECA-RAG-PCA) for enlarging dolichoectatic basilar trunk aneurysm that failed Pipeline flow diverter

ID: 387
Midline posterior fossa approach to aquaductal tumor

ID: 405
LEE, Kyu-Sung
Intradural anterior petrosal approach for a pontine cavernous malformation

ID: 425
Mustamir, Nasrullah

ID: 426
Mustamir, Nasrullah

Video session 3
Saturday, September 01, 2018 08:00 - 10:15
Budapest Hall

ID: 352
Zverina, Eduard
Vestibular schwannoma - Partial resection and stereoradiosurgery failure

ID: 412
Morcos, Jacques
Clipping of a posterior thalamoperforator aneurysm within an unusual "Pure Arterial Malformation" of the top of the basilar. A great example of endovascular and microsurgery complementation

ID: 413
Morcos, Jacques
Triple reimplantation technique using radial artery to MCA bypass and trapping of fusiform MCA aneurysm

ID: 422
Beneš, Vladimír
Thalamic cavernoma

ID: 336
Mendez Rosito, Diego
Surgical management of complex glomus jugulare tumor with giant intradural compression

ID: 406
Muthusubramanian, Vikram
Facial and Hearing Preservation in Large Cystic Acoustic Neurofibroma

ID: 333
Hongo, Kazuhiro
A case of the basilar-bifurcation unruptured aneurysm clipped through the subtemporal approach with several tips

ID: 334
Youssef, Samy
Unilateral keyhole fronto-orbital approach as a less invasive alternative to giant olfactory groove meningiomas

ID: 361
Oya, Soichi
A case of large posterior clinoid meningioma

ID: 427
Mustamir, Nasrullah

ID: 429
Liu, James K.

ID: 345
Baskaya, Mustafa
Gross total resection of large cerebellopontine angle meningioma with a supratentorial extension via retrosigmoid approach with suprameatal drilling and tentorial sectioning

ID: 346
Baskaya, Mustafa
Demonstration of emergent clipping of ruptured pericallosal aneurysm which continued to rupture prematurely during skin incision

Video session 4
Saturday, September 01, 2018 14:00 - 15:45
Budapest Hall

ID: 343
Baskaya, Mustafa
Paramedian supracerebellar transtentorial approach for meningioma resection

ID: 344
Baskaya, Mustafa
Microsurgical resection of anterior clinoidal meningioma via extradural anterior clineidectomy and optic unroofing

ID: 421
Beneš, Vladimír
Petrous ridge meningioma

ID: 414
Morcos, Jacques
Half and half transylvian approach for microscopic removal of a large pontine cavernoma, with endoscopic inspection at completion

ID: 415
Morcos, Jacques
Combined posterior and anterior petrosal approach for a large petroclivocavernous meningioma

ID: 337
Mendez Rosito, Diego
Surgical management of clinoidal meningioma

ID: 404
LEE, Kyu-Sung
Extradural approach for a chondrosarcoma invading the cavernous sinus

ID: 407
Muthusubramanian, Vikram
Neuroendoscopic managment of 3rd Ventricular obstruction by Arachnoid cysts

ID: 428
Mustamir, Nasrullah