List of E-posters

ID: 139
Usefulness of indocyanine green videoangiography to assess venous collaterals in meningioma surgery
Kim Ju-Hwi

ID: 140
Selection of surgical approach for trigonal meningiomas in consideration of visual outcome
Moon Kyung-Sub

ID: 141
Subfrontal falco-olfactory approach for midline anterior skull base meningiomas
Jung Shin

ID: 150
Anatomical basis of surgical approaches to jugular foramen
Narayanan Nair Suresh Nair

ID: 155
Spontaneous regression of intracranial meningioma: a case report
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 156
Primary liposarcoma of the thoracic spine: case report
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 158
Septic Neurological Manifestations of Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome : Report of 2 cases
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 159
Abscess formation in a pituitary adenoma: a case report
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 160
Spinal metastasis as a first manifestation of a renal cell carcinoma: a case report
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 161
Brain metastasis from cutaneous melanoma: a case report
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 162
Brain metastasis from thyroid carcinomas: about four case
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 163
Multiple spinal metastases of esthesioneuroblastoma : case report
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 164
Cerebellar tuberculoma : case report
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 165
Management of brain abscesses : 50 cases reviewed
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 166
Brain metastasis from renal cell carcinoma
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 167
Choroid plexus tumors
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 168
Intracranial extension of ethmoidal rhabdomyosarcoma in a young adult: a case report
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 332
Unusual case of Cowden's disease and Cushing's disease - A case report
Tan Choo Heng

ID: 348
Ruptured aneurysm of the posterior spinal artery aneurysm: a case report
Yoshikawa Shinichiro

ID: 349
Intramedullary abscess mimicking seeding metastasis of glioma in a child with history of cerebellar low-grade glioma excision: a case report
Prihastomo Krisna Tsaniadi

ID: 351
The Lhermitte-Duclos disease A rare bilateral cerebellar location of a rare pathology
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 354
Contrast-induced acute pancreatitis after cerebral arteriography
Albuquerque Sousa Luis Henrique

ID: 355
The prognosis of patients aged 80 years or more who took clipping for ruptured aneurysms in Saitama medical university International Medical Center
Onodera Koki

ID: 356
Compressif spinal hydatidosis: case report
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 357
Middle cerebellar peduncle: A niche for varied pathologies
Pandey Satya deo

ID: 358
"Clamoring for attention" during the management of large/giant vestibular schwannomas
Pandey Satya deo

ID: 359
Traumatic bilateral abducens nerve palsy: a case report and anatomical review
Dimou Stefan

ID: 360
A rare case report of Wyburn-Mason syndrome
Goiri Marcelo Augusto

ID: 366
Third ventricular cavernoma
Hayfa Mechergui

ID: 369
Solitary primary CNS Plasmablastic lymphoma in young immunocompetent female: report on an extremely rare entity
Iqbal Mohammad

ID: 382
Clinical outcomes and predictors of progression of atypical meningiomas: a single institutional 12 years review
Park Soo Jeong

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