Instructions for Poster Presenters

Electronic posters only - no paper

Please keep in mind that only e-posters will be accepted for the Prague Neurosurgical Week 2018. No paper posters will be accepted.

What is an e-poster?
An e-poster is an electronic poster displayed on computer screens instead of printed on paper as a traditional poster.

How is my e-poster being displayed?
All e-posters will be made available for viewing at poster kiosks that will be located in a poster area at the event venue.

How can I submit my e-poster?

  • E-posters should be submitted before the event. Please send you e-poster(s) by email to
  • Clearly state an ID and a title of your e-poster in your e-mail.
  • Do NOT bring your e-poster on a USB stick/external hard drive with you to the event venue. It will not be possible to upload e-posters at the Congress venue.

Deadline for uploading e-posters

  • Deadline: Monday 27th August 2018
  • Please keep in mind that only e-posters sent by email before the deadline will be displayed at the congress.

A PowerPoint slide template

  • Please prepare your e-poster using a PowerPoint slide template that is available here. Save the final e-poster as a PDF file.
  • Only e-posters in PDF format prepared using the template are accepted.
  • The maximum number of slides is 3. E-posters containing more than 3 pages will not be accepted.
  • The template contains 2 slides.
    ° If your e-poster consists of 3 slides, add a copy of the slide 2 (Home Tab -> New Slide -> Duplicate Selected Slides)
    ° If your e-poster consists of 1 slide, delete the slide 2
  • Dimensions of slides are set to 52 x 66 cm. Please do not change them.
  • The size of the PDF file should not be bigger than 10 MB.
  • Dimensions of the screen at the kiosk are 52 x 66 cm, i.e. they are identical to the dimensions of the slide. It is possible to scroll between pages when the poster is displayed at the kiosk.

Poster session

  • E-poster kiosk will be available in a clearly identified viewing area at Vienna House Diplomat Hotel Prague.
  • All posters will be available throughout the whole duration of IMS and ICCVS - from Thursday August 30 to Saturday September 1.
  • E-posters will not be formally moderated.