Instructions for Oral Presenters

Length of presentations

Please refer to the programme at for the length of your presentation.

The programme is dense and compressed and thus the timing is crucial. Please check the time allotted to your presentation and please strictly keep the time. The chairpersons will warn you 1 minute of your time is left and then will simply switch of the power to the microphone.Do not go into introductions discussing the disease, pathology, ethiology, diagnostics and treatment history, etc - everybody knows what is an aneurysm or a petroclival meningioma. Make your presentation down to the point to allow for discussion.

Make your discussion contributions short - these are not alternate lectures, state your point, ask the question.

Please respect the time allotted for your presentation. Strict timekeeping will be essential to the smooth course of the meeting. Lectures must be presented in English.

EACCME declaration of potential or actual conflicts of interest

All faculty and other speakers have to disclose any potential or actual conflict of interest. This must be stated at the beginning of your presentation. Keep in mind that this is obligatory requirement.

Please download the EACCME Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form and place it on the second slide of your presentation. Speakers who do not fulfill this requirement will not be allowed to present.

How to submit presentation at the congress

Presentation from speaker´s own laptops will not be allowed.

In order to avoid any problems with your presentation, please make sure whether it meets the necessary needs and read carefully the instructions below.

InterContinental Prague

Please upload your presentation to the computer that will be in the lecture room.

Vienna House Diplomat Prague

Please submit all digital files needed for your presentation in the Speakers' Ready Room. Technical specialists will help you to upload all files so everything is ready before each session. When the presentation is to be given, the file will be loaded in the meeting room.

Please come to the Speakers' Ready Room at least 1,5 hours before the beginning of your session. In case your speech has been scheduled for morning session, come to the Speakers' Ready Room the day before your presentation. Speakers' Ready Room is located in the Vienna I. Room.

Opening Hours of Speakers´ Ready Room

Wednesday, August 29

Thursday, August 30

Friday, August 31

Saturday, September 1

How to prepare presentation

PowerPoint instructions
Use the Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or higher (*.ppt) or (*pptx) to guarantee they will work properly on an on-site PC.Prepare presentation in 16:9 format. We recommend you to save your PowerPoint presentation using PPT or PPTX format instead of PPS.If you have pictures and videos in the presentation, please insert them in the presentation file, do not use links.Please keep on mind that organizer cannot guarantee the quality of Macintosh-based presentations; so check in advance (3 hours before your session starts) their Windows compatibility.Note that the presentation system used during the congress also supports the PDF presentations.

Only fonts included in the basic installation of MS-Windows are available (English version of Windows). Use of other fonts not included in Windows can cause the wrong layout / style of the presentation. Suggested fonts are: Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, and Calibri. If you insist on using different fonts, these must be embedded into the presentation by choosing the right option when saving the presentation, see details below:

  • Click on "File", then "Save As"
  • Check the "Tools" menu and select "Embed True Type Fonts"

How to save presentation

Save your presentation in one of the following disc or medium:

  • USB flash drive
  • External hard or solid state drive

Save all files associated with the presentation (PowerPoint file, movie / video files, etc.) to one folder / location. In case you are presenting more than one presentation during the congress, save different presentations to different folders and name them clearly to avoid on-site misunderstandings and problems. Always make a backup copy of your presentation and save it on a different portable disc or medium than the original presentation. DVD-RAM and Blu-ray Disc will not be available.

Other information

When the session is over, your presentation will be deleted from all computers, no copies or backups will be made.

All speakers are requested to keep the time of their presentation.

Standard equipment of the session rooms

See below the list of standard equipment of the rooms.

  • Data video projector
  • Screen
  • Laptop
  • Sound system
  • Microphones
  • Remote control with laser pointer