Indirect Sponsorship

Starting 1 January 2018, the new MedTech Europe code prohibits the direct sponsorship of HealthCare Professionals by device industry.

1. The most effective way as of today, through your institution (hospital):

  • Either industry partners allocate educational grants directly to your institution, then responsible for allocating these funds to eligible practitioners according to mentioned criteria by industry
  • Or industry partners provide educational grants to a third party, who then gets in touch with your institution (a named contact person by industry) to allocate these grants to eligible practitioners

New Code of Ethics: what does it mean exactly?

The Code means transformative change in interactions between the industry and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) through third-party organized educational events. As MedTech Europe announced: "Allowances can only be provided to HCOs/PCOs but never to individuals." HCOs (Healthcare Organization) as well as PCOs (Professional Conference Organiser) are defined as trusted third-parties.

New Code of Ethics by MedTech Europe

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